Learn about the basics of boards in Speare

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A board allows you to edit pages and stacks side by side. The great thing about boards is that there's no limit to how many pages or stacks that you can have open.

Creating a Board

To create a board, do the following:

  1. Open the home panel. You can do this by clicking on the home button on the far right of the app bar.

  2. Click on the “Boards” tab near the top right of the home panel.

  3. Click on the “New board” button.

Adding Pages & Stacks to a Board

There are two ways to add a page or a stack to a board.

Method 1: Create a new page or stack directly on the board by clicking on the “New page” or “New stack” button located on the header of the board.

Note: You can also create pages and stacks directly on the board from the Board Contents panel. You can access the Board Contents panel by clicking on the list icon to the right of the “New stack” button on the board header.

Method 2: Drag and drop a page or stack onto a board from the home panel, sidebar, or from a database.

Note: When you drag and drop a page or stack onto a board, it doesn't remove the page or stack from the location you dragged it from. It makes a reference copy of it and adds it to the board. This means that you now have two references to the exact same page/stack in two different places. You can always remove the page/stack from the location you dragged it from afterward.

Removing Pages & Stacks from a Board

To remove a page or stack from a board, open the Board Contents panel, hover over the item you want to remove and click on the “close” icon that appears on the far right on the item.

Reordering the Contents of a Board

To reorder pages or stacks on a board, open the Board Contents panel and drag and drop the items in the order that you want.

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