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Intro to Stacks
Intro to Stacks

Learn about the basics of stacks

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A stack allows you to create documents made up of multiple pages. All of the pages within a stack are “stitched” or “merged” together into a single page-like experience. You can easily reorder the pages within a stack using the table of contents.

Creating a Stack

There are two primary ways to create a stack.

Method 1 — Create a Stack via the Home Panel

  1. Click on the home button on the app bar to open the home panel.

  2. Click on the stack's tab on the home panel navigation bar.

  3. Then click on the “New stack” button.

Method 2 — Create a Stack via the Sidebar

Click on the “New stack” button on the Landing Zone control bar.

The Table of Contents

Every stack has a table of contents. This is where you can add pages to the stack and decide what order you want them to be in. You can also add folders to the table of contents for further organization.

What are the gray bars for?

The gray bars in the stack allow you to see where each page begins and ends. These bars will be hidden if you print or export the stack.

Pro tip: If you hover over the gray bars, it will tell you the title of the page.

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