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Intro to the Search Popup
Intro to the Search Popup

Search, find content, and navigate the app

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The search popup allows you to search for content in the app, and it's also a way to navigate from one workspace to another.

How to Access the Search Popup

To open the search popup, click on the magnifying glass icon on the app bar.

Pro tip: You can press Control P (Windows) Command P (Mac) to open the search popup.

Search Filters

The search filters allow you to look for specific types of content. By default, the search filter is set to search for workspaces. You can change the filter setting by clicking on the filter dropdown at the right-end of the search bar.

Here are the filter settings currently available:

  1. All — Searches for all resource types

  2. Page content — Searches only for blocks on pages

How to Navigate from One Workspace to Another

  1. First, make sure the search filter is set to “Workspaces” or “All”.

  2. Search for the workspace you want to navigate to.

  3. Then click on it or press Enter / Return on your keyboard.

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