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Where are my boards from Speare 4.0?
Where are my boards from Speare 4.0?

How to access “boards” from 4.0 in the new version of Speare

Updated over a week ago

All of the boards that you created in Speare 4.0 were automatically migrated into Speare 5.0 when the new version launched.

Boards are now called “Pages”

The boards feature has been renamed and is now called pages. It's still essentially the same feature. We just call it something else now.

How to Access All of Your “Boards” from Version 4 in Version 5

To access a list of all your “boards” (now called pages) in Speare, do the following:

  1. Click on the search icon at the top left of the app. (This will pull up the search popup feature).

  2. Set the filter mode on the search bar to “Pages” (This will show you a list of all the boards/pages that exist in your account.)

From here you can add pages to the workspace you're currently in by clicking on them in the search popup.

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