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What are the key differences between version 4 and version 5 of Speare?
What are the key differences between version 4 and version 5 of Speare?

This article explains all of the major changes between version 4 and 5 of Speare

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If you were a Speare user prior to the release of version 5, you'll notice that version 5 of Speare is quite different than the previous version. The most significant updates are outlined below.

1. “Boards” Are Now Called “Pages”

Boards from version 4 are now called pages. It's still essentially the same feature. We just call it something else now.

2. Where do I find my old content?

To see all of the “boards” (now called “pages” in version 5) that you previously created in version 4, you can find all of them in the new home panel. This is also where you can access all of the stacks, databases, boards, and workspaces in your account. You can also use the search to find content as well.

3. The Updated Writing Experience

Blocks are no longer colored with gray backgrounds. Instead, we've added a new rich-text editing experience to Speare to make it easier and more intuitive to write and format your content.

4. “Board View” Has Been Replaced by a New Feature Called “Boards” & “Split Screens”

In version 4, “Board View” gave you the ability to work with multiple “boards” (now called “pages”) at the same time, side by side. This feature has been replaced by a new feature called boards. You can also use the new split screen feature to achieve a similar affect as well. Split screens allow you to view multiple pages, stacks, databases, and boards side by side.

5. “Doc View” Has Been Replaced by “Stacks”

In version 4, “Doc View” was a way of “stitching” multiple boards (now called pages) together using a workspace. This feature is now replaced by a new feature called stacks.

6. How to Share Your Work in Version 5

In version 5, you no longer share links to workspaces but rather to pages and stacks. Check out this article to learn how to create shareable links for pages and stacks in version 5.

7. How to Export Your Pages & Stacks

Exporting your content is now easier with options to export pages and stacks as PDFs and Markdown files. View the articles below to learn how to export your content.

8. How Do I Access the Paragraph Editor?

The paragraph editor allows you to split a paragraph on a page into its individual sentences. This allows you to edit and rearrange the sentences by drag and drop. When you're finished editing, you can then merge the sentences back together with a click. Check out this article to learn how to access this feature in version 5 of Speare.

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