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Database Fields

How to create and edit fields in a database

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A field is a column in a database. In the screenshot below, a field is highlighted in blue. The header at the top of the field shows you the title of the field as well as its type which is denoted by an icon on the left of the title.

Field Types

Each field has a field type. The field type determines what kind of data you can record in the cells for that field. You can then filter, group, sort, and search the content in your database based off of this data.

Note: Currently, you can't filter, group, sort, or search content in a database but these features are coming soon.

Here's a list of the field types currently available in Speare:

  1. Resource — This field type allows you to add a page to a cell.

  2. Text — This field type lets you record text in a cell.

  3. Single Select — This field type lets you create a dropdown list of tags. You can only add one tag to each cell from the list.

  4. Multiple Select — This lets you create a dropdown list of tags. You can add as many tags to a cell as you like from the list.

Creating a Field

Step 1: Click on the “plus” button to the right of the right-most field header.

Step 2: On the field settings popup, give the field a name and select the field type from the dropdown list.

Editing a Field

Here are the following ways to edit fields:

Renaming a Field

  1. Click on the three-dot icon on the header of the field you to rename.

  2. Select the Edit field option.

  3. Rename the field using the ”field settings popup” that appears.

  4. Then click Save changes .

Converting a Field From One Type to Another

  1. Click on the three-dot menu icon on the column header of the field you want to convert to another type.

  2. Select the Edit field option.

  3. Click on the field type dropdown button.

  4. Choose the field type you want to switch to.

  5. Then click Save changes .

Warning: Converting a field from one type to another will delete all of the data within the cells for the field you are converting. This action is permanent and cannot be undone.

Deleting a Field

  1. Click on the three-dot menu icon on the column header of the field that you want to delete from the database.

  2. Select the Delete field option.

Editing Cell Values

Data in a cell is called a “value” regardless of its field type. Creating and editing cell values varies depending on the field type.

Field Type — Resource

  • Creating a page: Click on an empty resource field cell and type to create a new page. Press Enter to confirm the title of the page.

  • Renaming a page: Hover over the page in the database that you want to rename, and click on the pencil icon that appears to the right of the page title.

  • Viewing & editing a page: Click on the title of the page to view and edit it in the side peak panel.

  • Adding a page to a database: Click and drag a page onto a database from anywhere else in the app. When you drop a page onto a database, it will create a resource field for that database if it doesn't currently have one.

Field Type — Text

  • Adding text: Select a text field cell and type to add text.

Field Type — Single & Multiple Select

  • Creating a tag: You can create new tags in the field settings popup or by clicking on a cell in this field type and typing.

  • Adding a tag to a cell from the dropdown list: Click on the dropdown arrow for cells of this field type and select the tags that you want to add to the cell. If the field is a single select field, you can only add one tag.

Removing Values from a Cell

This applies to cells of any field type. Select a cell in the database that you want to remove all values from and press Backspace / Delete on your keyboard. If you do this with a cell that has a page in it, it will not delete the page from your account. It just removes the page from that database cell.

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